The Team

Nick Case

Nick has a background in retail and dealership management, with over 13 years’ experience in the Adelaide motorcycle industry. He began as a motorcycle accessories sales assistant in his twenties. By 35, he was leading a team of 25 employees to become the number-one sole franchise dealer in Australia for 2014 and 2015. Nick has excellent communication skills, with a background in managing fundraising events, content writing for Motorcycle SA and radio production. He brings a huge range of experience in retail and project management. Nick is an avid supporter of Adelaide’s vibrant youth and alternative culture scene and has his sights firmly set on growing and maintaining a mutual work space culture of collaboration and creativity. 

Jason Smith 

Jason Smith is a young digital artist and videographer who has a passion for all things BMX. Jason helps out with our filming and editing and is busy creating his digital art for riders the world over. Check out his Instagram feed @miasmakid

Kurt Whittingham

Kurt is our main man when it comes to organising our finances and forward planning. With a background in Sales and financial advice Kurt is also a passionate Motocross rider and father of little Elliot Whittingham with his partner Maddie.

Kurt's easy approach, sense of humour and meticulous work ethic make him a perfect organisational member and a great guy to go to for advice whether it be personal or business.

Robbie McCormick

Robbie is the go to guy when you just need to get away from it all and have a laugh. A wicked sense of humour and quick wit ensure that you are going to end up in stitches in no time. Rob has had a varied career in the automotive and manufacturing industry and has a passion for everything BMX. He is an avid guitarist and music lover, creative builder and up-cycler and the perfect person to keep things lite n easy.

Robbie is the parent of Ned GT McCormick with his partner Carmen and when not taking care of his parental duties will often be found building ramps, riding skateparks or just getting out with the lads and having some fun!