Introducing Adelaide’s newest youth organisation: High Street Social Club

High Street Social Club is an Adelaide-based youth organisation that aims to engage young people through street sports, music, digital media and the arts – and from there, to teach them the foundation skills they need to succeed in work and life. Along the journey we also connect young people with potential employers.

Our very first event, Wild in The Streets, was held in Victoria Square on Sunday 22 October, in partnership with Splash Adelaide, Lighthouse Youth Projects, Little Black Bike and The 5OS Project.

This free event was designed to encourage as many South Australian young people as possible to come and try BMX in a fun and inspiring way, in the centre of downtown Adelaide. Free bikes (with helmets) were provided to try, alongside food stalls and music.

Approx. 350 people attended throughout the day, making it a huge success – one that we’re pretty proud of.

Research shows that young people’s participation in sport can greatly improve their mental health, boost self-esteem and self-awareness, and make them more disciplined and achievement-focused. these are just some of the reasons why we’re so passionate about engaging youth through street sports and street culture.


‘The vibe’ of High Street Social Club

As our profile grows, a lot of people have been asking us just what it is that High Street Social Club does. It’s something we’ve struggled to put into words, because honestly … it's more about the vibe of the thing.

Yep ... ‘the vibe’ … as famously enshrined in the classic Aussie movie The Castle. It’s the passion, the energy, and the fierce commitment to nurturing and maintaining a vibrant, healthy community. And that’s been at the heart of all we do since 2016, when we planted the seeds of Adelaide’s newest youth organisation.

WHAT we’re doing is important, of course … but what’s more important is WHY we’re doing it.


Why?: The big picture

High Street Social Club wants South Australia to be a place that is famous for nurturing its youth, providing recreation, supporting small business, being home to entrepreneurs, incubating ideas, and embracing the arts and music we all love to see and hear.

- We want to help Adelaide’s young people find a place and a purpose here in their home state.

- We DON’T want to force bright young people who struggle in (or have dropped out of) our formal education system to leap more hurdles they’re likely to stumble on.

- We DON’T want to focus on the negative, or take a punitive tone.

- We DO want to harness their energy, ideas and transferable skills to help them build self-esteem and resilience, and form positive community connections.

The next step is to take their skills and apply them to a satisfying career, a guiding passion, or both.


How?: Working with South Australian employers

High Street Social Club takes stock of the passions and skills that the young people we work with already have (mechanical and practical expertise, digital publishing skills, tenacity and focus when engaged) and matches them with a growing network of like-minded South Australian businesses.

For two years now, we’ve been asking small businesses what they need in their entry-level employees. Extensive feedback has provided us with answers that are the basis for what we do.

Our members and clients develop a greater understanding of basic foundation skills, such as:

  • daily communication
  • organisation
  • customer service
  • teamwork
  • initiative
  • conflict resolution
  • (and most of all) responsibility.

Responsibility breeds self-respect, self-esteem and self-reliance. The skill-set we develop provides any young person with a solid foundation to build their working life on.

It also provides employers with entry-level employees trained to be emotionally intelligent, committed and communicative, by an organisation that understands what motivates them.


What?: Learning on the job through ‘organic introduction’

Our why + how = our what. It’s a process we call ‘organic introduction’.

We invite our young members and clients to be an integral part of our planning process. They channel their natural abilities and digital literacy into the events and activities that we create, participate in and cover. Working side-by-side with the High Street Social Club team, they learn and develop their foundation skills on the job, while taking ownership of both the process and the end product. In this way, they develop a well-earned pride in what they can do when they work at it.

We actively work with businesses, sporting clubs and other organisations to create digital content and advertising that helps them effectively reach their customers and communities. High Street Social Club applies all the knowledge we’ve gained in our work with communities and young people, and the supervisory expertise of key staff with proven experience in digital communication.

In the digital world, content must speak effectively to its intended readers and viewers – or it will be ignored. Who better to be on board creating that content than young people themselves, who naturally speak the language that businesses pay big bucks to learn from consultants. The young people we work with have the effective communication and foundation skills that are at the core of what we do.

Our ultimate goal? To help create better pathways for ALL young people in Adelaide to be happy, work-ready and to feel a part of something.

To find out how you can get involved in High Street Social Club, or to get more information, please contact Nick Case on 0404 178 765 or email nick@highstreetsocialclub.org