This Pilot project, supported by the Government of South Australia and the Department of State Development along with Community Centres SA, is being held from 23rd of January 2018 up until the 1st of May 2018.

"A Guide to Better Living" is all about creating a better future for not only the participants involved but also for the young people of Adelaide. The Project is all about creating "Young events for Young people" all the while relating these important event creation skills back to real life and everyday practical skills to help young job seekers find meaningful and obtainable employment options.

This project forms part of the Transition Pathways Project that is being piloted in South Australia and is a fantastic lead up to our other coming project "Just Ace" - part of the wider Adult Community Education scheme.

This course is designed to work in conjunction with our ACE Education Oral Communications course “Just ACE” which draws from the Australian Foundation Skills Framework (ACSF) and is expected that participants are a minimum of level 2 in Oral Communication

“A Guide to better living” is designed to:

  • Develop employability skills and assist participants in creating their own pathway to meaningful employment.
  • Create a meaningful Pathway plan outlining actions and timelines to vocational goals and development.
  • Support participants in finding a better way of overcoming adversity in everyday life
  • Increase community participation in youth recreations and events.
  • Controlled exposure and introductions to industry and employers “Organic Introduction” process
  • One on One support tailored to individual needs.
  • Access to ongoing services and support for new employers along with employees.
  • Interpersonal communication skills and meaningful communication
  • Referral services to further education and supportive needs

These and other skills form the core beliefs and practices of High Street Social Club and can be transferred to personal, family, social and / or working life.